An Accessible Laundry

We have been working on a few projects recently that involved making life in and around the home easier. In this video we have taken part of a porch and created a first floor laundry room.  This new space features Anderson windows, Hardie Plank Siding, and a rolling Barn Door. 


1919 Laundry Room Wrap-Up

Our final look at the 1919 Laundry Room addition.. Tammi and Kevin no longer have to carry their laundry outside then back into the basement.. Zach was able to create a 6.5 foot x 6.5 foot working laundry space using part of their side porch.

Posted by Erie Boatworks on Saturday, 15 August 2015

Boat Projects

We are progressing on the Chesapeake Bay Deadrise project. The lower house top has been laminated and vacuum bagged together. We will be veneering the underside of this top with quartersawn mahogany for a very nice finished appearance. 

We are about to start our Vberth Makeover on a customers liveaboard trawler, this will consist of cherry cabinetry and veneer to make what was a typical V Berth into a large walk in closet. Look for some video of the start of that project soon.

Small and Large projects

Here is a short video update of where things are with the apartment project. We have demoed out most of what needed to go. The plumbing contractor is now well into overhauling everything that was patched and patched again. The electrical service has been separated and the apartment now has its own meter and panel. 


We have completed a small custom cabinet project where the homeowners were looking to match their existing cabinetry in a small craftsman style home. These two cabinets are installed over the range and refrigerator and although they offer only a little of storage space they added much to the visual appeal of the lonely wall. 

The cabinets were finished with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic waterborne acrylic in Downy White. This was the first time we have sprayed our cabinetry with a low VOC latex product and the results were very nice. Our normal proceedure is to use Benjamin Moore pre catalyzed undercoater and laquer topcoats. The Sherwin Williams offers great durability and a much nicer working environment in the shop. We will continue to use Benjamin Moore pre catalyzed products but will offer the option to have the lower VOC finishes. 


The Tudor remodel project is moving along. The kitchen space is nearly finished, some trim details to be buttoned up by the homeowner and its complete. We will be addressing the porch later after things have settled down there. 

We have started the process of building the housetop for the Chesapeake Bay deadrise at the shop. Look for some videos of that project soon. 

This video shows the before of our most recent undertaking, a small rental apartment that needs some serious attention in the bathroom and laundry rooms. 

Upcoming Remodel Project

As we begin to enter the punchlist phase of our current kitchen project "Colonial Kitchen" we are preparing for our next large remodel. Again we will be transforming the heart of the home, a dated kitchen space will be completely replaced. 

The plans for this space began in September. New walls and a ceiling, new flooring and cabinetry, appliances and countertops. This will be a cooks dream! 

The dumpster was delivered Friday and the demo will be finished in short order. Take a few minutes here and there and keep up with the progress on this job. Maybe you will have some inspiration for a project in your own home!