2nd episode in our series of restoring a 1989 Chesapeake Bay DeadRise Boat. In this episode Zach & Mike prep and take off the wheelhouse. Portsmouth Boating Center lifted the wheelhouse off the boat for us.

Erie Boatworks does more than boats, we also remodel homes. In this series you can follow us along as we transform a Colonial Style kitchen into a modern version with integrated technology for the home owner. In this episode we do an overview of the project, rebuild a basement staircase, start construction on the Wilson Solid Counter Tops.

As we finish and showcase the Colonial Kitchen Remodel.. we will give you a sneak peak of another project we have started in on, The Tudor Remodel.

2nd in our series on the 1952 Tudor Renovation, a new roof has been installed, the old walls and ceilings in the kitchen and dinning room removed. Found Termite Damage in the outside wall and ceiling that had to be repaired. Added a new header to support the second floor living space.

In this episode we install a new solid oak floor, it will be sanded and finished to blend with the rest of the home. We start on the install of the Choice Cabinetry in the kitchen.

On the banks of the Western Branch of The Elizabeth River we were commissioned to build an outdoor shower for a very active family. Cedar shake shingles surround a 6 x 8 pressure treated frame.. many years of enjoyment and privacy ahead.

a quick set of repairs on the Cromo before Harborfest 2015